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Planning Ahead

With all of the exciting action already underway within the UKEL, we feel as though now is the perfect opportunity to announce that X7 Esports have signed both Raider and Anonymouss, on a two-split contract, covering the duration of UKEL Summer 2021, UKLC Spring 2022, Telia Masters Spring 2022, and the subsequent NLC Relegations.


Raider has been with X7 since its inception back in December 2020, and has had a major part to play in our success thus far as an organisation.

"Compared to other organisations and teams I've been a part of, the entire vibe is just overall really great. It feels a lot more like a place I go to every day to hang out with my friends, rather than 'going to work' - everybody is really nice with one another, and it's a very comfortable environment to be a part of." - Raider

Having only recently turned 17 years old, we believe that Raider, paired with the right coaching and guidance, will go far in the competitive scene and we look forward to seeing him improve further during his time with us.

"I chose X7 over other options available to me because I wanted to stay longer with the same teammates and believe there is a really high chance of success with our current roster over the next few splits. I think, collectively, we have what it takes to develop as a team and secure a spot in NLC by Summer 2022 - I'm hoping we'll then have a shot at qualifying for EU Masters, but we're taking it one step at a time." - Raider


Anonymouss joined X7 in early March 2021, as we prepared ourselves ahead of the UKEL Open Qualifiers and Promotion Tournament (which we won without losing a single game - click here).

"I have really enjoyed my time on X7 so far - the team environment feels great. All of the players and staff are very good to work with, and we have a lot of fun whilst staying productive and focused. Even though we've had to make some recent changes to the roster, we believe they were for the better and the current state of the team is perfect. Everyone respects and takes care of each other and overall I'm happy to be a part of it." - Anonymouss

We believe him to be one of the most talented Junglers in Europe at the moment, and that is not meant as a biased opinion. His overall understanding of the game and dedication to self-improvement far outweighs that of his opponents, and he's been able to demonstrate this on a number of occasions.

"I saw X7 as the perfect opportunity for my first step into competitive - to be part of a new project with a ton of potential, and to be able to influence and help that grow from the beginning, was really appealing to me. I'm confident we can stay on top, winning UKEL, UKLC and Telia Masters, and I want to prove to everyone watching that I am one of the best Junglers in Europe." - Anonymouss


Our other three players; Ketsuo, Syn and Royal, have all been signed on a single-split contract, with an option to renew before UKLC. Each of them have excelled in their respective role, and we're incredibly proud of how far they've all come since bringing them on-board. We are excited to further this development and watch the team progress throughout the remainder of UKEL Summer 2021.


X7 Esports currently stand undefeated with a professional record of 13 wins and 0 losses, and doesn't plan on slowing down any time soon.


All of us at X7 would like to thank everyone for their overwhelming level of support so far. You have all been so welcoming for us as a new organisation, and we look forward to bringing you with us on this exciting journey, as we look to cement ourselves as one of the best teams in Europe.


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