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Undefeated Debut Performance

On the 27th and 28th March last month, X7 competed in the UKEL Summer 2021 Open Qualifier Tournament, playing against the newest contenders for UKEL Summer 2021 split in June later this year. In terms of individual ranking between the teams, this was the most difficult qualifier tournament the UKEL has hosted thus far.

After being seeded 3rd, behind Resolve Academy and London Esports Academy, out of 14 teams, we were considered the underdogs going into the Semifinals and Finals, as both Resolve and London Esports have already established themselves in the UKLC and were close to promoting to the NLC during Spring this year.

All of us at X7 made sure to treat every opponent, regardless of their players, with the same level of respect and preparation. We had been building a lot of hype around this debut, and we had every intention to deliver on our promises.


Two days, four opponents, and eight games later, X7 Esports walked away with a record of 8 wins and 0 losses, securing themselves a spot in the UKEL Summer 2021 Promotion Tournament on the 3rd April.

You can watch the highlights of the Open Qualifier Semifinals and Finals against Resolve Academy and London Esports Academy, using the links below;

LDN Academy | Game 1 | Semifinals;

LDN Academy | Game 2 | Semifinals;

RSV Academy | Game 1 | Finals;

RSV Academy | Game 2 | Finals;

As Mythos Gaming finished 7th in UKEL Spring 2021 they had the choice of opponent, between X7 Esports and Resolve Academy, and they chose RSVA. This meant that Munster Rugby Gaming (who secured their spot in January when we also submitted an application, ref;, who finished 8th during Spring would be playing against us in a best of three series, to decide our fate.


With 8 wins behind us we didn't have any plans on slowing down, and went into both games looking fierce. X7 Esports won this series 2-0, meaning we qualified for UKEL Summer 2021 with a perfect score of 10 wins and 0 losses. We couldn't have asked for a more perfect debut performance.

It's now off-season and we've got approximately 8 weeks to prepare ahead of Summer split. Stay tuned, because we have some big announcements on their way..

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