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X7 x Bulldog

We are excited to announce our recent acquisition of Bulldog Esports, and welcoming their Founder, Antony "Newts" Newton onboard as Director of Esports.


Following our professional debut in the UKEL Summer Split 2021, and prior to the new NLC league structure changes, X7 initiated conversations with a number of different organisations competing in the (former) UKLC. We were on the lookout for someone with expertise, who was passionate about the development of both their players and staff, and a brand which brought with it a wider community of people.

After careful deliberation, with a combination of almost 10 years experience in the UK esports scene and the history which had been created at Bulldog Esports, we strongly believe Tony will make a great addition to the support infrastructure at X7, and help develop our teams to a whole new level.

"When you've been involved in esports for as long as I have, you'll have seen it go through many changes over the years. Initially, there were a lot of 'bedroom organisations' and passion projects, and that was fine. However, as the scene has evolved and matured, you can't get away with operating like that anymore." - Antony "Newts" Newton


In case haven't already seen our short announcement video highlighting the partnership;

"For years I've been looking to work with someone with a strong interest and understanding of the business world, to compliment my passion and knowledge of the esports scene. I've always believed that was the missing piece of the puzzle, preventing me from pushing Bulldog on to the next level in esports. After spending some time speaking with Josh (Founder & CEO, X7 Esports), I noticed we had a lot of shared beliefs about how an organisation should run and treat its' members. I honestly believe we will make a great team moving forward and and be able to not only contest for accolades in esports, but also provide a nurturing environment for our players and staff to develop." - Antony "Newts" Newton


For those wanting to hear more of Antony's thoughts about the acquisition;

We are very excited to combine a new, supportive, and determined organisation like X7 with the rich history and experience that Antony brings with Bulldog, and himself.

Stay tuned for future announcements - there's a lot in the pipeline!


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