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X7 x Absolved

We are delighted to announce our recent acquisition of Absolved.

Following their flawless (11-0) performance during the NLC (Northern League of Legends Championship) Division 1 Qualifier, Absolved cemented themselves as being the strongest participant in the tournament, and would have been a fierce contender for NLC Spring 2022.

Both X7 and Absolved finished 1st place in their respective groups during Group Stage, before progressing to the Finals, where X7 would eventually be knocked out, following back-to-back losses against NYYRIKKI, Bifrost, and MnM Gaming.

Undeterred by these results, we worked tirelessly on planning a route forward.


After discussing future plans with both TJ "Nudo" Harwood [Founder & Owner] and Robin "Robinho" Cheng [Manager], it became evident that we would be able to achieve far more, as a collective. The Absolved management team have shown clear prowess throughout their existence - at X7, we are always looking for ways in which to strengthen pre-existing infrastructure, and create an unrivaled training environment for our players and staff.

"Absolved have taken big steps with its League of Legends division since its inception. We finally reached our goal of qualifying for the NLC which, for us, was a great achievement and something we've worked so hard for, in order to accomplish. X7 provided a great opportunity for us to join forces alongside a like-minded organisation, with huge plans to develop in League of Legends, as well as branching into other esports titles and the wider aspects of gaming entertainment." - TJ "Nudo" Harwood

As part of this acquisition, we have appointed TJ Harwood as our new Chief Operating Officer [COO], who will be tasked with overseeing all operational functions within the company. We also welcome Robin Cheng as Head of League of Legends, after his proven success thus far in a similar role.

This announcement follows just 7 weeks after X7 acquired Bulldog Esports - you can read more about that deal here

"We did very well with a small team at Absolved and so pooling our resources, time, and expertise into X7 was the easiest decision for us to move forward and evolve into a bigger and better organisation. I am looking forward to working with the rest of the team, and I can't wait to see what we're able to achieve in the near future. I will ensure internal operations are handled to a high standard, whilst also bringing a wealth of ideas and a new perspective that aligns with the vision of X7. - TJ "Nudo" Harwood


Moving forward, X7 will use this opportunity to continue investing into the UK and Northern Europe ERL (European Regional League), as well as branching into new esports which we've had our eyes on for a while.

"X7 has given the staff and I an excellent platform to build a very competitive roster for 2022. We are striving to become a top contender in the region and will aim for a good run at EU Masters. I am extremely confident that, with this partnership, we will be able to compete with the very best. I am very excited to see what the next 12 months brings." - Robin "Robinho" Cheng

There are lots of exciting developments happening behind the scenes as we approach 2022, and we can't wait to share them with you all soon!

You thought we were finished? We have only just begun.


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