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At 10:00AM BST on Tuesday 17th August, we saw the first official announcement (here) which mentioned some upcoming changes to the NLC and broader ERL ecosystem. Unfortunately, at this point, there weren't a lot of details and the whole situation remained ambiguous.

Later that week, on Friday 20th August, Riot published an article (here) which introduced Freaks 4U Gaming as the ones taking over from Dreamhack/ESL and Telia and continuing to operate the Northern Europe ERL.

Once this news dropped, there were understandably a lot of questions from the public, and some organisations were left asking the questions "What's our next move?".


That same evening, the engines had started behind the scenes at X7, with one goal in mind - being given the opportunity to qualify into NLC Division 1.

Three weeks and 400 hours of work later, after speaking with players, managers, organisations, agencies, sponsors, investors, advisors, and many others, we finally submitted our application deck to Freaks 4U for review - one that we were collectively proud of, and which illustrated our future contribution to this newly structured ERL.


Amidst dozens of other applicants, some with sizable legacies and funding too, we are honoured to have been selected as one of the 8 invitees to the NLC Division 1 Calibration Tournament, which is due to begin on the 4th October.

As the youngest organisation to have been given this opportunity (via. the application process), we will be making a bold statement in the upcoming tournament - one that you don't want to miss.

Stay tuned to our socials over the next couple of weeks as we look to announce our exciting new roster, and the supporting staff working alongside them.


UKEL Summer 2021 to EU Masters Spring 2022 - is it possible? We're about to find out.


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