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UKEL 2021 Spring Application

Following an unexpected announcement on Twitter, stating that a spot had become available for UKEL Spring 2021, I jumped at the opportunity to submit our application. This meant piecing together, what was originally planned to be 4 months worth of work, in only 4 days.

Unfortunately, out of the 14 applicants, all with their own reputable brands and followings, X7 Esports didn't make the cut, and instead, Munster Rugby Gaming were given a chance to redeem themselves in the UK scene and set the record straight - a decision I fully respect and wish them nothing but success in the future.


However, this outcome did not deter us from our original plan. X7 Esports was founded with the intention of making our debut during UKEL Summer 2021, but I would have regret not submitting an application for this opportunity.

With each passing day, we are continually developing our players and staff, ensuring X7 Esports is fully prepared when our time comes.

We look forward to starting our journey with you all soon, and showcasing our talented roster to the UK scene.


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